Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Little Nerd Alert

This picture illustrates what I'm talking about. For some reason Drew is obsessed with letters, numbers, and counting. A day at the rec center Tot Lot is not just a time to play and run around, but a chance to point out letters she finds. I think it was a Sesame Street Alphabet movie she got for her birthday from the Rixens. For a while there we were watching it every day (Big Bird's song still jumps into my head at most random times). Now she sees letters everywhere we go.

In the parking garage at the library we park on level B. So we get out of the car and Drew points at the sign and says, "B!"

In the bath Drew picks out the foam letter Y, makes the letter with her arms in the air, and says, "Y!" (it's what they do on Sesame Street).

Every time I change her diaper she must first show me, "4" on her new diaper, because that is the size she wears.

The really fun part (sarcastic) is when we read books, we rarely look at the pictures anymore. She points at every letter and I must tell her what letter it is. Our reading sounds like this, " B, A, B, Y..."

I don't know why she is more interested in letters and numbers than in more normal things for a one year old. But I must say that she is a dream child for a retired teacher. Can I call myself retired? I like the sound of it.


  1. What do you have--some sort of child prodigy or something?? :) Holy cow--I've never heard of that with a little girl her age. I better get working with Cali :)

  2. Ohhh, so proud of our namesake! Adam is the same way, but I am overjoyed because he was mute for a real long time. Good for you and good for Drew.

    Hope you three are feeling better- sheesh!! Hoping for nothing but blue skies for y'all from now on.

  3. Too cute. It's always fun to see what sparks their interest. :)

  4. lol I love it.

    Speaking of teaching I wrote you an email - and I'll leave it at that. Cryptic and creepy.

  5. What a smarty pants Drew!

    p.s. I hate to be the one to break it to you Chelise, but you aren't retired... you've just changed careers. You are now the Home Executive:)

  6. Holy smokes! I have no idea when Ethan will notice a letter, maybe in a couple years? What a cutie pie! I hope you're feeling better!