Friday, February 13, 2009


Drew's Valentine we made for daddy, complete with handwritten note.

Candice, you gave me the idea with the feet valentines you made at mutual. Except for some reason I thought painting her foot would be easier than trying to get her to stand still and trace it. It was a good idea until I stuck her in the dry bathtub to clean her off and she stamped all over the place!

Happy love day!


  1. That is darn adorable! I better not let Brian know about it because Ethan didn't make him anything. But he did get him a tie (I think we're getting OLD!)

  2. Great work!! So so cute. I love feeding off of yours' and others' creativity. It makes me laugh that Jason is married to such a talented and creative girl... he has always made fun of me for my love of creating and crafting. :))