Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good morning, sun

We are experiencing a heat wave today. A whopping 40 degrees and Drew and I had to get out and hit the streets this morning. I also haven't taken pictures in probably a month. Here is the queen of the household, almost 18-month old, who acted like going outside was Christmas morning...

And since I haven't taken pictures in so long, I learned that before you snap a picture you should not ask Drew to smile. Because every time I did, inevitably I ended up with one of these shots...

Her "smile" is eyes closed and scrunched nose.


  1. Such a cutie!! That's really exciting that you were able to get out:) Before you know it your summer will be here! I definitely remember waiting for summer in ND. It usually joined us sometime between June and July!

  2. ha ha. Too funny that I was just going to do the same exact post. Although, we looked a little uglier this morning :).

  3. sounds like we are in the same boat. Cali can't even see her stroller without going into a fit--so we do our best to keep it hidden. :) So sad. But YES, yesterday and today have been so nice!! I was basking in the (dare I say??) 50 degree weather as if it was an AZ 110. It was fabulous!

    Oh, and I love her little ponytail. So cute!