Monday, March 23, 2009

It's On

The search for two very important things has begun.

1. our first home
This is one of the most exciting things we have ever done. Buying a house! I'm pretty sure it will look just like the house in this picture.

2. a new swim suit
This is also an important purchase. According to my last suit's track record it must last me for at least five years and through at least one pregnancy. My old tankini has gone through thick and thin, literally. I wore that thing hiked above my bulging pregnant belly while laying out at my mom's pool. Remember, Shawnda? It is definitely time for a new suit. And of course Jason is pleading with me that it be a teeny bikini.


  1. Here's my favorite swimsuits

  2. I dont want to sound like a freak but i vote with jason! You are too tall and thin to wear anything that covers your probably rock hard abs. I have voted, now go forth and purchase it.

  3. Congrats Chelise on moving to AZ! I'm jealous! Please don't forget us freezing Iowans next winter when you're outside in your BIKINI (my vote) and we're freezing to death. Hey- just wondering if you have Katie Muir's email address?

  4. I'm with Chelsea ... check out modbe!!! In fact ... check out MY modbe site!! :o)

    Good luck with the house search!! It's fun looking at lots of houses!! :D

  5. Wow--I don't know which decision will be more stressful--but fun at the same time. I just bought a new suit--and yeah--like you, my last one was one I bought right before we got married--for our HONEYMOON! It was definitely time. :)