Monday, March 9, 2009

An Old Shirt

I am in love with this dress. I've been wanting to make a patchwork dress/skirt for some time but haven't gotten past the other hundred things on my list. I was going through some old clothes to get rid of the other day when the thought came to me to just cut it all up, like I did the green prom dress. It's kind of therepuetic, actually.

But I really love the idea of Drew wearing clothes out of fabric that used to be mine. And actually only a couple of the prints from this dress used to be mine, because well I don't wear grandma clothes. The rest of the prints I pulled from my fabric scraps. Total cost of this dress... $0!


  1. Chelise that dress is so cute and I love/hate how you can just whip up a dress, just like that.

  2. Genius! So, what are you planning for her Easter dress? I know you've got something up your sleeve:)

    PS. What's your latest decision with BB? I've decided to change some things with MCB... we should talk:)

  3. Cute! And is it possible that I recognize one of your old shirts? The one with little blue flowers?? Or am I just imagining things? :) So cute!

  4. super cute!! when I have a girl I'm coming to you to be her personal stylist!