Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lunch Lady Land

This week has been particularly humorous.

Drew gets funnier all the time. Her new phrase is, "Aw, MAN!" sounding straight from the hood. She says this a hundred times a day. Usually when she trips and falls or when she sees me and Jason kissing.

She also pretended to wear my bra yesterday, or "bwah" as she called it.

So we booked our cruise! How romantic. Seven days, just Jason and I. Three stops on sandy Mexican beaches. Wandering the ship together doing whatever we want. Sleeping in bunk beds. Bunk beds??? I was contacted by one of the cruise representatives the other day making sure I was aware the room I paid for was "upper and lower bunk beds". I did pay for a room upgrade, but love to picture us on our romantic vacation fighting over top bunk.

Sometimes when I substitute they need someone to fill in for an associate (or classroom assistant) and not the actual teacher. It is the same pay as a substitute, but you never know what kind of duties you will have. It's risky. I took the risk the other day and had a once in a life time experience. The morning I spent working with second graders. Lunch time I was the lunch lady. Literally. Hair net, serving spoons, and all. I only wish I was serving sloppy joes and then it would have been perfect. Corn dogs was a close second though.


  1. LOL.

    Sloppay joes, slop, slopppay joes! The more stories I hear of Drew the more I love her. Bwah, perfect. I'm so glad that you and Jason are getting a nice vacation!

  2. I'm so jealous of your cruise!! That will be so much fun- and Drew cracks me up! And I just want to know if you yelled at the kids in the lunch line for being too noisy...remember that??

  3. You totally would've been all, "I made 'em extra schloppy- just the way you like it!" to the kids, huh?

  4. haha! Brooklyn said that for a whole year! Her's was with a New Yorkish' accent. And, lunch lady is hallarious...a definate resume addition.

  5. i was wondering if you sang the song as you served the food!

  6. I loved this. So funny. You are by far the nicest lunch lady I have ever known. Loved Drews dress in the last post, you are so creative.