Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fine Art

I have been more interested in art lately. I have been looking at a lot. Confession- not because I want to be more cultural, but because I need more wall art for our new house. I'm not particularly interested in abstract fine art, but one of these pieces in particular really speaks to me. Can you tell which?

Yes. It is this last beauty. Created by up and coming artist Drew Patterson. Story behind the painting- she needed something to do on another cold Iowa day. Her choice of colors and brush strokes tell me a story. Breathtaking.


  1. Lol, so cute! Hey, children can become artists, have you heard of that little girl who's like 5 and does abstract paintings that sell for tons of money?!

  2. I have an empty wall and would love a Drew (as she is known in the artist world). Please let me know how much the going rate is now; I will pay whatever it is.

  3. Looks like a masterpiece. Your trip to Gautemala looked like a blast. My brother is doing an internship in Nicaragua this summer and we want to visit. We'll see. So, did you get the house that you wanted?