Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm really looking forward to mine and Jason's vacation next month. I browsed through all of the photos of our last real trip together, which happens to be Guatemala from four years ago. I loved seeing the sites and tourist locations, but I loved most seeing the way of life of the people. Seeing other's circumstances really popped my little American bubble I have lived in all my life. Here are some shots that might give you a little taste of Guatemala life.

And a shot of the lovebirds 2005.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Where are you going this year?

  2. I love your pictures! That photo of the man in the archway that was taking a nap is my favorite! And those chips look real good. That'll be such a fun trip.

  3. That last picture of you guys is so cute!

    Yes we are in east Mesa off of Sossaman. We wanted Chandler or Gilbert; but this is where we landed.