Wednesday, April 15, 2009

House Plans, part one

Come on over! This is the entrance to our new house. I love that it is not at the front of the house, but along the side. It is more private and cozy. Add some flowers along the sides, lots of plants in the back by the gate, a bench under the tree... so cute. Now I really need to figure out how to grow stuff and keep it alive. Oh, and I guess we also have to close on the house and move in first too.


  1. I can just see Luke and Drew now... running to meet each other as I unload my car with goodies for the mamas and toys for the babes!

    They'll give each other hugs and climb up onto that sweet bench under the tree. Luke will open his snack pack and share some animal crackers with Drew. She'll say "tanks loot" (thanks Luke), then jump off the bench to show him her newest favorite thing in the house:)

    It's going to be GREAT!

  2. Yay! Cute, cute. What area are you moving to?

  3. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratualtions!!!!!!!!!!