Thursday, April 16, 2009

Photo Shoot

Little did Drew know that when she was born to me, she would forever be my teeny model and tester. We had a photo shoot so I could get some pictures of some skirts that I am going to be putting in my Etsy shop (hopefully today or tomorrow). Just a few of my model...

I originally wanted to take pictures by this really old red barn I saw one day off the road (we have a lot of barns around here in Iowa), but decided against climbing Drew and I over the barbed wire fence. We drove down the gravel road just a little ways more and found this cool turquoise farm building and I loved the color against the dark red gate.

I really wonder how anyone can take pictures of a one year old. She has learned to completely block out any direction I might say to her like, "Drew, turn around and walk towards Mommy." Or, "Go stand by the gate." All of a sudden when I start telling her to do things like this, it's as though she's blasting up the music on the little ipod playing in her head and she can no longer hear me. Nice try shrimp.

I resorted to throwing a rock to where I wanted her to stand and telling her to go get it and bring it back to me. This gave me a lot of great shots, but of course she always has rocks in her hands. You win some, you lose some.

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