Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Call it Marble Madness

Jason made this really REALLY cool marble toy last year. Pictures don't even describe how cool it is. It's a toy that Drew asks to play with every day, and Jason and I get caught up playing with as well. The best part is that it was made from scratch of wood, nails, glue, wire, and a little elbow grease. His creativity too. (My help in the paint and design department.)

It's a marble run of two different tracks that begin at opposite sides. Drop in a marble in one of the orange cups on top and watch your marble go through a series of obstacles.

Like this Plinko board. Tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink and your marble might end up on either of two runways.
That lead to the final marble house. Which of course has a hinged magnetic door to let out the marble avalanche when full.

Or the swirly vortex of terror. Which Drew thinks her dog might enjoy. (Try not to be distracted by her shirt. Yes I gave in to the licensed character tee...but I argue it is only a pajama shirt.)
Or your marble might run through the forest of windmills or past the mirror wall.
But you can be sure your marble will be watched over by the marble queen.

This isn't even the half of it, guys.


  1. That's a really clever toy. I had to create something like that my senior year in high school for my AP physics class- except it was 6 feet tall, went through 10 'physics' obstacles, and shot a softball out at the end to knock barney off a pedastool 10 feet away. Oh, and it was accompanied by a 100 page report and powerpoint presentation.

    I don't miss AP physics. Haha...

    p.s. I love the painting and decorations on the marble roller coaster!

  2. You guys need to mass produce those ... that's AWESOME!! i wanna play!! :o)

  3. K so I LOVE how you tell all of your stories. Drew is sooooo cute and I miss her! And that marble toy is awesome. Is there anything that you can't do? Seriously!

  4. That is pretty stinkin awesome! How did he think of doing that?? And it's always great to have an entertaining toy for the little ones!! Drew is getting so big!!

  5. You have such an amazing family. Your so blessed. I love seeing Drew. She is getting so big.

  6. Whoah, that's some pretty spiffy elbow grease!