Monday, December 8, 2008

Drew meets Santa

The anticipation was rising. We could see glimpses of his bright red hat from the distance. Drew and I waited in line as each child took their turn on stage to sit on Santa's lap.

Drew could barely be held as she kicked her feet, clapped her hands, and said over and over again, "Sa-ta, Sa-ta." Every time she looked and caught a glimpse of Santa, she turned to me with big eyes and the biggest oval open mouth like she could not believe who was sitting in that chair waiting for her.

This continued until we were next in line.

Then, with each step I took towards the big, hairy man, Drew began to realize what was going to happen. I started to feel tiny little nails dig into my back and she fell silent. As I bent down and let go of Drew to release her to big and hairy, I noticed something was still attached to me. With the sheer strength of her thighs and her will and determination to live, she held onto me for dear life.

But no tears and she did manage to snatch a candy cane.

I love this little thing.

Um, her little legs need to be nibbled up. She kills me.

Annual Ward Christmas Party, success.


  1. this is HAwli but kacie is signed in and I am to lazy to change it to mine... okay so she can't get any cuter and that skirt! I am amazed! You need to teach me your skills!

  2. OH my gosh her outfit. I am speechless, cutest thing I've ever seen. Chelise you need to sell those skirts on Etsy. I will buy one and I don't even have a child.

  3. Okay, she is the cutest thing. I am impressed that there were no tears with Santa. I often wonder if Santa is actually just amusement for the adults since most children seem to run away when they see him.

    Anyway, what??? What interview interfered with Baylor's? I am so sad. We would have loved to have you guys here! How is this part of the process? Is he excited for residency? What program is he going into?

  4. Drew meets Santa, Drew doesn't really love Santa...yet.
    You couldn't possibley know how much I love her outfit. I think little girls look the cutest in black! I love Black!!!!! I cannot believe you made the skirt. I loved the whole look then I scrolled down and read other recent posts and I was like "she made that?!!" I'd buy one too!!

  5. corrected...I want to buy one, or two :) So you tell me how much and it's on!

  6. Drew is so cute. I can't believe you made that adorable skirt, you are the next Martha Stuart. Hopefully, you can now get to my blog. Let me know if you still have any problems.

  7. She is so stinkin cute. And even if she was a little scared once she got to Santa, I think it's so darling that she was saying his name and looking at you so excitedly while you were in line. :)