Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events...

Shawnda: Oh, yay it's my niece I am so excited to see! I am going to run and pick her up first thing when I see her.
Drew: Um, I remember this lady a little bit, but she is starting to freak me out. I will try and keep my distance by pushing away with my arms.

Shawnda: Oh, come on Drew, kisses and hugs and I love yous.
Drew: Okay, get me out of here.
Nathan: It's okay Shawnda.

Drew: If I don't look at her maybe she will go away.
Shawnda: Just a little kiss?

Drew is having a little trouble adjusting to all the new people. Not just Shawnda. She has given everyone a temporary shun who is not named mama or dada. We are working on the un-shun.


  1. not funny! My temporary shun from her has put me in counseling! She's a tough egg to crack.

  2. lol! What a cute (yet very sad) story :) Good luck on the un-shun ;)

  3. LOL... I always feel bad when my baby won't go to other people... but it's nothing personal... he just loves mama!

    It's always nice once they relax and other people can hold them.

    PS. I'm soooo excited you are in town. We MUST see eachother!!

  4. Drew she is so funny. You have got to be so so glad you are out of this Arctic blast - 18 this morning!

  5. okay when do we get to see you three???!! Call us! Or i'll Make Aaron call Jason and we'll set something up

  6. This is Hawli not Kacie but ok busy girl. What is your schedule. We WILL be doing our annual dinner/game night! I know you are probably busy seeing all the family so let me know when you are free and we will plan!!!! Miss you!