Friday, November 28, 2008

Chelise 2, Turkey 0

Now I have made two turkeys and so am a seasoned Thanksgiving cook. Last year when I realized what barbarous things I would have to do to our turkey, I wasn't sure if I could do it. But this year, being weathered and wised, I only cringed a couple times.

Does anyone else hate the word giblets? Don't worry, those were the first things to get tossed.

I am learning to be a one-hand chef, since Drew always wants me to hold her while I am cooking. She has a healthy love of food and naturally loves to watch me cook. She was particularly interested in the turkey this year.

She even ate some of the turkey, despite her recent aversion to any type of meat. Of course I had to smother it in ketchup for her to eat it, but she is my daughter, who ate ketchup with her turkey until she was married. I can't fault her for it.

And for not the first time, I participated in the Black Friday madness. My friend Heather and I were out and about at 4am, living it up. If you've never been among other shoppers at four in the morning, then you have not lived. Just don't go to Wal-mart, where it is likely you will be trampled to death.


  1. Nice work Chef! You look gorgeous too. Can't wait to see you guys! Miss you!

  2. Chelise, your turkey looks so good!! By the way, you are looking smashing, and I love little Drew hovering over the turkey, lol.