Monday, November 17, 2008

I am not a Christmas fanatic

Let me preface this post with the fact that we will be leaving out of town very early in December this year.

So we set up Christmas at our house early. Very early. But if you had a tree like our tree then you would want to enjoy it for as long as you can too.

Our tree is a snow tree. It actually snows! The snow machine pipe runs up the trunk of the tree (or metal pole in our fake tree case) and shoots up little snowballs at the top. The snow catches in the branches and slowly trickles down and gathers at the bottom to be sucked up to the top again. It is quite a tree.

So I will continue to ignore the fact that it is only November 17 today and continue to talk about Christmas (sorry Thanksgiving, but we will celebrate you too).

Drew almost couldn't contain herself as we pulled out all our Christmas gear and set up the tree. She had more emotions than she could handle. She managed to break two of our ornaments on the first day. And she was dying to get her hands on "Mimie" or the Mickey and Minnie ornament Jason and I got at Disneyland on our honeymoon. Let's just say that one is at the top, far from her little claw's reach.

I tried to get pictures of her by the tree and came up with many of the following... (she is the blur moving across the picture)

Did I say she was a little excited?

I will be cooking an extra big turkey this year to make up for this early Christmas crime.


  1. I love it! Well, Tyler and I's apartment is too small for a tree...and we can't afford one this we decided we will be turning our coat rack into a tree. I will definitley blog about it. Although I don't think I could make mine snow. And I am so into Christmas right now!!

  2. Confession: I put our Christmas stuff up over a week ago. Although the tree is yet to come...

  3. I love it! Honestly who doesn't love Christmas? I fought hard for Thanksgiving, but now I welcome any premature celebrating of Christmas.

  4. I agree with Malia! Love the way you worded this whoe post. Nov 17 was an important day for us last year so I remember it well and we put up our Christmas tree that day too. But I didn't make the extra big turkey...I didn't make a turkey at all. So you win and your forgiven!
    Actually I think the week of thanksgiving is the perfect timet o put up Christmas- I sort of combinge those two holidays anyway. Happy decorating!!

  5. Oh and I too want a SNOWING TREE! Drew must really think it's magic! You sure set the bar high there, shoe!

  6. That IS an exciting tree! I've never heard of such a wonder... I need to see that thing in action:)

    What fun that Drew is loving the holidays!!! Sorry about the ornaments though... good thinking with putting extra special ones at the top:)

    I hope we can see you guys while your in town:)!! So much to catch up on.