Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fashion and Wardrobe Consultant

Because we are entering interview season and things are going to be a little tight around here for a while, Drew has agreed to help the family out by offering her best services for pay. What she will do for you:

1. She will assist you in putting on your make-up by handing you each piece you need in the order you need it. Although you may have to wait for the eyeliner because she likes to pretend to put it on herself.

2. She will pick out your jewelry, which will probably be one of her bead necklaces she got from the Fourth of July parade.

3. She will pick out your wardrobe. Just sit back and relax. Tell Drew what you need. Oh, you need a shirt? Ask Drew and she will rummage around in your closet and bring you one. Pants? No problem. One at a time she will bring you each article of clothing you ask for. If your lucky you will get two shoes that match. (Jason loves to put on everything she brings him, even if he's already wearing clothes... see above.)

If you are ready to look better than you've ever looked before, Drew is your girl.


  1. I would like to book Drew's services; please calendar me in for December 20th. I can't wait for Drew to dress me up for my best look ever :)Give Drew a big kiss for me. Love you GB

  2. What a doll. Now I know why Hallie loves her so much. This is how our mornings are too :) It was so fun to watch Drew in Sunday School today. She is adorable.

  3. I really could use her - this post-pregnancy getting dressed thing is no fun. I would put on whatever she brought me, just not to have to think about it! Send her on down :) Really, that is so cute that she does that!

  4. That's really funny. I love the picture too. :)