Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wedding Dont's

Jason and I have been married five years this month and with that in mind and helping Shawnda plan a wedding, I can't help but think back to our wedding day five years ago. Most things I wouldn't have changed, but there is a lot I would go back and do differently if I could. These are the things I will try to help Shawnda avoid.

First of all, the photographer is the MOST important thing. Do not let your dad put down a nonrefundable deposit on an old friend of the family photographer before he has even consulted you about it. He has probably never heard of Photoshop before. Your pictures will probably be nothing special. And you will probably not even see those pictures developed by photographer until after your first anniversary.

Please do not pose the "hanging and leaning from the temple gates" pose. Jason and I told ourselves we would not take that picture. But when the photographer asked us to do the pose, we did it anyway. I would post that picture, but Jason might kill me.

Try to eat some of the food at your reception. One strawberry dipped into the chocolate fountain is not going to cut it. You will end up having to drive through Wendy's fast food afterwards and order a cheese and broccoli baked potato because you are starving.

Touch up your hair and makeup before the reception or else you will look back at your pictures and wonder why you have hair whispies flying everywhere and your eyes look like you are half asleep.

And after everything realize that the next five years will be the best years of your life... and I'm sure even longer than that.


  1. I totally agree with you. Although I would add on not to pick a wedding day where it will be pouring rain. And also don't let your in-laws have a friend do the wedding cake, who has never even heard of fondant, and tries it. Successfully, but the cake resembles the leaning tower of pisa. In a MAJOR way.

  2. I think the best part about the wedding is being married. I agree, there are some things I would have different too- like have the centerpiece ice sculpture show up!

  3. I TOTALLY agree with the photographer!!!!! I wish I had known that for our wedding - everytime I look at the pictures from our wedding day I was to cry.

  4. MEMORIES! I don't even remember that exact picture of the little handsome cutie holding me...ha but I do remember putting present bows all over his face that night. I think we got along well~ LOVE everything you wrote, Shawnda HAS GOT TO eat that day! Or she could be like me...eat a ton at the reception and still eat even more afterwards :)

    LOL you did the fence pose!!!!!

  5. Um..... I think Tiff's engagement pictures were the temple fence shots. Gotta Love it!